Why I wear Black, All Day, Every Day

*Edit: Hello from 2020  I am  doing a tidy up on the blog and I just stumbled upon this cute blog written by good old 25 year old me who was yet to discover that she was actually pretty much a goth, and not because she found her love of black clothes, but because she loved the macabre, gothic romance and music. I have decided to keep this post on the blog to remind me how much growing up I have done since then*


I love black. In my clothes, in my hair, in my house, basically everywhere. However, it didn’t really occurred to me that my closet in 90% black until my mother opened my closet last week and said:

‘wow, how can you distinguish one item from the other? Are you a goth or something?’ (Thanks Mum)

No, I am not goth, I just like simplicity. I believe in the power of a uniform. It takes the stress out each morning in trying to figure what would look good, and it leaves my mind free to work on things which are important to me. A few years back I read that Steve Jobbs always wore his usual attire (black turtle neck, blue jeans and sneakers) to make it his signature look and to remove that unnecessary facet on his life; another person believed to do did this was Albert Einstein. Their ideals resonated with me, so I started by buying 7 pairs of black leggings, two black jeans, a black trouser and a skirt, a black blouse and 5 black tops. My wardrobe has now grown to have the occasional dark grey jumper and some leopard print shoes (a print which I cannot resist!) but the majority of it is all black. I feel since simplifying my closet, I don’t get really stressed out in the morning, and my brain has more time to be as crazy as it wants to be.

 On a normal day, this is how I look like (yes my room is messy, so what?):

Zara coat, Zara top, Topshop Jeans, Accesorize necklace, rings my own designs

My closet is organised in categories which I would show you if it wasn’t for its current state, but basically I have all tops on one shelf and all bottoms on the lower shelf. Each morning I just pick up one item from the top shelf and one from the bottom and voila! Outfit done. And as it is all in black, it always matches.

Obviously, I have exemptions. In the summer I wear pastel colors all day long. But unless the sun is out, black or grey is  my thing.

What about you? do you have a ‘daily uniform’?

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