New Year, New Blog and Bla Bla Bla

happy-new-year-2016Happy New Year People!!

Have you noticed something different around here? If not, how rude of you!

After 2 years blogging under ‘Zaira & Her Closet’, I felt it didn’t really reflect my blog at all. My blog is moving away from fashion and becoming more of a space for me to rant about everything (me? ranting? never!), so I wanted to change the name to reflect this change.  ‘A Sense of Clarity’ will still have your beauty and jewellery reviews but will also feature movies and food, as well as my usual chats about life in general.

I know that January is usually a time for empty promises and unfulfilled resolutions, but I don’t know, this time it feels different. The last two years have been weird for me, nothing really progressed the way it should have done, and now it feels like it is now or never. Bit dramatic huh?

The new layout is nowhere near where it should be, but for now it will work just fine. I want to apologise in advance if the site crashes or it’s a bit weird, but getting a new website is a lot more time consuming than I thought.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for their support and lovely comments. I have already a few blog posts ready to kick-start the New Year so you better be ready!

Until Next Time!




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