Product Review: Jason Vitamin E 45,000 i.u.

I love trying out new products. I have my favourites of course, but nothing brings me more joy than discovering a new face cream or perfume (or chocolate of course!). While most new things I end up disliking, this one I really like:




You see, I have a thing for vitamin E oil. It nourishes my skin, while helping reduce the darkness around my eyes. I know nothing is ever going to brighten my dark under eyes circles as it is hereditary, but Vitamin E oil does help it slightly. It also makes my skin feel silky smooth. I have always use a different range of brands from the really cheap stuff in Superdrug to organic rip-offs from Space NK. This one for me is the perfect one (so far!)

So, what’s good about it?

The strength is impressive. They have a 14,000 i.u. version which equals to only 0.33 ounce, so this one is considerably stronger, which means it packs more of a punch. It is very thick, so a tiny bit is enough. It says it is suppose to help with lines and wrinkles but I am still 25 so I cannot comment on that. It has 7 essential natural oils including evening primrose which is my all time favourite. Applied at night, by morning my skills feels plumped and smooth.

What’s not so good about it?

It has fragance, so it may cause irritation to some. Fragance is fine with me. It is also very thick, so I wouldn’t use it in the mornings.

Cost? Where to buy?

£9.99 for 59ml. Available in Feel Unique   A BARGAINNNN!!!!


On another note, you may or not know that I am now on Youtube. My latest video is below:

Yes, I am insane!

Until Next Time!


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