Expensive Taste

This morning I was doing my face up and then a thought hit me: When did I buy all this expensive stuff?  I started collecting make-up 7 years ago, and have slowly built up a lovely collection of things, mainly drugstore makeup, but suddenly all I see is Lancome, Bobby Brown and *gulps* Tom Ford!!

I am the kind of person who gets ridiculously excited whenever I walk into a large branch of Superdrug, and I love nothing more than Barry M nailpolishes and Sleek blushes, but it seems nowadays all I have is expensive make up, and not only that, but it is all so…nude

I knew this new trend was getting out of control when I bought this at the airport two weeks ago

SO2013_02_00011Yes my beloved friends, I bought a Chanel lipbalm..which costs £27!!! TWENTY SEVEN QUID FOR A LIPBALM!!! I don’t even own my own house and yet, I am buying designer lipbalm as if it is nothing. And you know the worse thing? It is amazing and I will most probably  never buy Carmex ever again 😦

Other things I have bought and are beyond amazing (and beyond my means)

Tarte amazonian palette- £56 from Amazon
Lancome Hypnose mascara-£20 from House of Fraser


Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad- £64 from Selfridges

Add to the above various Bobby Brown foundations/Bronzers, and some Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers and Givenchy lipsticks and I can see where my wages are all going!

Is this a sign that I am getting old? Or is it that I have a new profound love for names and expensive packaging?

Is this happening to you guys as well?



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