The End of Year Review: Lessons Learnt

Can you believe it’s November already? Is it me, or does the time pass quicker with every passing year? This year has been a pretty weird one for me, don’t ask me why but things didn’t quite go to plan and it feels like all I’ve done is struggle with different things throughout the year. Honestly December cannot come soon enough! (Yahh for Xmas)

Anyway, as it tradition by now, I shall sum up the lessons I have learnt this year down to 3 main points.

1. Its okay to make mistakes

This year for me has been the year of mistakes and rushed decisions which has been extremely hard to accept as by nature I do not take ‘failure’ very well. It is only recently that I have been able to accept these faults and understand that most things can be fixed with some dedication and time. And the ones we cannot fix become valuable life lessons.

2. Put yourself first

One of the biggest lessons this year which I am still trying to assimilate, is to make time for  me, and to always put myself first, because if I don’t, then who will? I am one of those people who just gives 110% to a cause/person and puts herself second which always ends up in me being overworked and simply not happy. My holiday to Santorini back in June was an eye-opener as for the first time I was able to enjoy myself and do things I wanted to do without thinking what others would think/say about me. This also extends to work. I’ve finally learnt to put barriers, so that my private and business life do not mix, and to let others know that I will not be taken for granted. We live in a world where everything is expected from us, and we then end up being overworked and underpaid. I am a big believer of self-worth but even I had to re-assess my position and ensure I always put myself first.

3. Time waits for no one

Reaching 25 this year has definitely been an eye opener! Life is just flying by, and all I do is work 9 to 5. I realised that I’ve been focusing so much on the little things, and the big things have been slipping away. So it is time to refocus my goals; my online business is finally receiving the love it deserves, my friends have finally seen me, and I have been able to spend more time with family. I also have a much better understanding on life and what things make me happy and what my future can be if I just focus a bit more on the bigger picture.

So these are my lessons this year so far. We are still  in November, so there is still plenty of time to grow and learn. It seems as time passes by, you start to see what is important and what can go.

What have you learnt this year?



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