Sky High Yoga

Let’s just say that this post is going to be a quick one! Quick because I can feel the worse flu in history coming on. My legs are shivering and I ache all over. I have no coughs/sinuses/other cold symptoms, which means this is a biggie!!So let’s get cracking so that I can go to bed.

A few weeks ago my crazier than life friend Hirish wanted to do a yoga session on top of the walkie talkie building in London. On a schoolnight. At 6.30am. Yup, you heard right. So as the amazingly amazing friend that I am, I woke up at 5am, grabbed my yoga matt and headed for the first tube into town. (BTW, how is it that the first train is so packed?!?! Where do people go at 5.36am??)







We arrived with 15min to spare and the views were amazing. Seeing London asleep is one of the reasons that kept me in this city 7 years ago. The instructor on the day was Jon (check his instagram here) and he was really good. There were all sorts of people in the class, and there was always modifications for those (like moi) who are just not that flexible. The best view was definitely when the sun was above Canary Wharf. It was so breathtaking that many stopped their poses, grabbed their phones and took a snap (what is wrong with people!!)

Anyway, the sessions run until November 20th, and all the info can be found here.  Tickets cost £10 and the class lasts an hour. You also get 20% off breakfast in their brasserie (but book if you want to do this, as it was packed when I went)My husband wants to have a go at it, so I have another 5am start waiting for me! Pray for me!!



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