Week Update: 7th October 2015

I like the idea of these weekly blogs; it allows me to add enough content so that you feel you are getting your time’s worth and I can brag on about the most random of things. So, let’s start

1.The Body Coach Fitness

I am currently on week 3 and things are getting easier. This week I prep my food on Monday and froze enough meals to last me until tomorrow, Friday. I’ve never done the batch-cooking-freeze-it-all approach and I must say it is an eye opener. I am also still doing 3 to 4 HITT workouts a week but I find it really difficult to wake up earlier to do them, so I do them at night which means I can have rice for dinner!! Weight wise, I haven’t weighted myself so I have no clue, but I do feel a bit leaner.

2. New Camera

I finally bought a new camera, so the vlogging should commence rather soon. So far I have only footage of my shoes and the pavements in Hatton Garden but hopefully tomorrow I will actually talk to the camera. The thing with vlogging about work when you work in diamonds is that we are very secretive industry as a whole, so trying to film on the road leads to security guards asking me what the f*ck I am doing!




The camera I bought was the Canon Powershot S120 as it is not only affordable, but a much better camera than what I had before. The zoom is really good and the film quality is actually impressive. It is also about £200 cheaper than the Powershot G7X so it’s a win-win situation.

3. Glastonbury!!! 

Yes, I cannot believe it either. I got tickets!!! I don’t even do festivals but I may as well enjoy the experience before I get too old and uncool. Have you guys been? How is it like? What do I wear?!?!?!

4. New Asian Facemasks



There is an Asian cosmetics/skincare shop in Chinatown which I keep passing by and never actually pop in. The shop is super tiny and nothing has price tags on them, which makes it really awkward to know if you are willing to buy a product or not. Also, a lot of the products do not have English instructions so it is all a guessing game! However, I finally went in and I am so glad I did! I bought these 3 face masks and have so far used the Black Mask and the Lips Coosy one. The Black mask was really good, and it made my skin really soft and moisturised. I wouldn’t say it cleansed my face as it claims it does, but that is why we have mud masks for. The lips one I didn’t realise it was a whitening product (a quick Google translate search was indeed needed) but I still used it anyway. It felt really cooling against my lips and did a pretty good job, as my lips felt softer even 2 day after. The funny side to this product is that in the instructions it says it can be used to whitened your nipples…..who the hell wants to do that??

5. Business

This is for me the most exciting of all news. I’ve tried having my own business for basically this entire year, but I have been struggling in finding my niche. After much thinking and research, I think I got it now, so I am so happy to be back doing what I love. I am working on it as we speak, and I am hoping that the website will be released by January so I shall keep you guys posted. (Hint: it will be bling!!…..)

Until Next Time!!  (this is me riding a bike for the first time ever, look at that face!!)



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