This week: w/c 22nd September 2015

Wow I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I’ve blogged last. Where is time going?? I swear all I keep saying is how I will turn things around and create some sort of routine in this place, but this is yet to materialise. I’ve tried the weekly uploads and the theme posts but it seems that I am just not that great at sitting down and writing at great lengths about a certain topic. Yesterday I read this lovely post by Laura and have decided that I will try and post a sum-up of my week so far and see how I feel about it. Here we go:


Since discovering H&M heavy leggings (thick, opaque and £7.99), all I’ve wearing are these and a variety of Boohoo tees like the ones below. Honestly, I have about 3 pairs of leggings, 2 x Zara equivalents and about 3 Topshop black jeggings, I also have about 10 different black Boohoo tees, so I no longer have to spend timeless amount of time in the morning deciding what to wear. I have indeed created myself a uniform and I love it. This is rather funny, as I remember when I used to work on the shop floor and had to wear a uniform, I used to loathe the idea of not being able to dress individually, and look at me now!!! Oh well! My life has been transformed and liberated all at once.




     Boohoo, link here!


Boohoo Link here!

Basically, the Boohoo Basic section is taking all my money. And Zara as well!! Shame on them!


After much debating and denial, I’ve signed up to The Body Coach’s 90 day SSS day plan. The transformations he posts on his instagram are amazing, and I love his approach to food, so I just bit the bullet and went for it. Today was my first day and all I can say is that the morning HITT session was murder and that I haven’t been able to finish all the food I had eat. I shall keep you posted!

You can find all about Joe’s 90 day plan here.


Bad Skin Reactions

Don’t you just hate it when a product doesn’t work? I’ve bought these mud masks in Whole Foods thinking it will replace my lower-end Superdrug single satchet mud masks, but sadly these were a no-no. The mask comes in a powder consistency, which you mix with some water and apply to a dry face rather quickly. After about 15min the mask turns into this skin-like consistency (weirdly nice feeling I must say) and then you can peel it off. The problem was that it did nothing to my skin. I felt no difference and then the next morning I had a few pimples. So did my husband when I applied the mask on him. Waste of money.

Avoid this at all costs!!


Laser Hair Removal 

I’ve spoken about my experience with IPL laser removal, and I can say that I have now finished all 6 sessions, and the hair has definitely gone. My lower legs reacted the best and now after 4 weeks without shaving, I only have the odd hair here or there. The rest of my body does need a shave about once a fortnight which is nothing compared to how it used to be. My life will never be the same!!


Well, I think this is all for now. Hubs is taking part in Tough Mudder this Saturday, so expect a load of selfies (I have 4hrs to entertain myself). Watch this space!!


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