Jewellery Review: Urbiana

A few months ago, while still enjoying summer, I ventured into the wonder that is Shoreditch. My friend Ema is a vintage expert and always tells me about all this cool places which I fail to ever see. You see, me and vintage do not get on. But then that was until she introduced me to Blitz and now I am all about vintage!

So, like I was saying, I went to Shoreditch on a rare Saturday off from work and ventured into all the different markets. Walking down Brick Lane I saw the rustic window displays of Urbiana and so I went in. All I can say is WOW!! It is an amazing brand, which has a very ethnic and dark look. Think chunky silver-coloured jewellery, spikes and lots of blacks. Walking around the store, I set my eyes on this amazing cuff




Now, let’s all take a moment to witness how grand and amazing this is! If you know me at all, then you know that I adore elephants (growing up in Sri Lanka,meant spending lots of time with these breathtaking animals). So the cuff itself is made out of brass and it is not too flexible so it won’t loose shape. I was weary about the quality of the cuff, but I have worn it several times now, and it has not only held its shape, but it has not discoloured or wear badly at all. I wear this cuff when I am having an all-black outfit and seriously, someone always compliments me. The details in the design is insane, and for only £25 it is an absolutely bargain. I honestly do not know how I didn’t spend more money in there.

Brand-wise, what I like most about Urbiana is that they actually think of jewellery as being equally important to clothes, which is how I feel. Whereas most people will choose an outfit and then the jewellery to go with it, I do the complete opposite: I think of a piece of jewellery I want to wear, and then my outfit goes around it. Obviously, I work in the trade so it is normal for me to think like that, but it is so refreshing to finally find a brand that has the same mindset as me.

So in short, the link to my cuff is here! GO AND CHECK THEM OUT! (seriously!)


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