Shop update and other news!

I have been selling my own jewellery range on the side for some time on Etsy (link here!) but I know a lot of people read my blog and are not aware of my Etsy store. So, I have created a nice page which can be found on the right top corner in the main page. Over the next few days I will posting all the bits I have made and are available for sale. I am always making new pieces so let me know what you would like to see.

On another note, I am also going to start a YouTube channel with daily vlogs as I think it will be cool if people saw what goes behind the scenes in the jewellery industry and I will try to show as much as I can. The industry is very secretive, so there may be vlogs of me just taking nonstop so I apologise in advance!!

So have a look at my shop and watch out for my new channel!!


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