Book review: Angelfall by Susan Ee


It seems right now all I am interested about is reviewing things! You see, I am not one of those super organised people who write multiple posts and publish them over the course of the week. I am not that organised I’m afraid. I just sit in front on my laptop and see where the mind takes me. Mind you, sometimes I will be at work or walking around and I get an idea for a post and I make a note of it, but then fail to actually sit down and write about it.

Right now I am sitting in bed, drinking some coconut water and trying to survive the last of this horrible IBS attack, when it came to mind to actually write about one of my favourite books of all time. The third and last installment has been released not too long ago and honestly it is taking all my willpower not to read it too fast as I want to savour it. The books are called Angelfall, World after and End of Days and OMG THEY ARE AMAZING!!

So what’s the plot? The story is based around a teen girl called Penryn who lives in San Francisco with her disabled sister and her schizophrenic mother. They live in a post-apocalyptic world where the Angels have come back to earth and destroyed everything. As they go from house to house in search for food and shelter, Penryn’s younger sister gets kidnapped by the Angels. The story then follows Penryn’s journey to find and save her sister from the terrifying Angels. As any teen book must have, the male character in this series is an fallen Angel called Raff who has just lost his wings and he is an atheist (yup, an Atheist Angel, told you this was good). Together they embark on a dangerous and ever so dark twisted journey where both have to work together in order to find her sister and his wings.

The books reminds me somewhat of Twilight and the Hunger Games, but Angelfall is much darker and mature. Penryn is not a little wimpy girl like Bella, she is strong and unwilling to become a poor little girl. Raff is also much more masculine and mature, making this book ideal for people on the other side of their teens,

Honestly, I cannot recommend these books enough. The author, Susan Ee, truly understands the power of story telling and has an amazing talent to describe every little detail to the point where you can easily visualise the world she has created. She is able to really capture your attention and keep you wanting more.

You can buy her books on Amazon here!

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