Jewellery Review: The Great Frog

I want to start a new series where I review/discuss my thoughts on different jewellery brands. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while as I work in the industry so if anything, I have a good eye for detail and can see a rip-off a mile away. So to start things off, I wanted to review the world famous The Great Frog.

TGF was established in 1972 and is a family-owned business which focuses on solid sterling silver pieces with a rock & roll vibe, so think skulls, tigers and crosses, as well as some satanic references (which I personally like but others may not). The store is based in Carnaby Street but have branches in New York and Los Angeles. The store itself is very small and dark with a black and purple theme. The staff are a true reflection of the brand with tattoos, piercings and wearing lots of silver, they are also amazingly friendly which is a rarity in this industry. The range of jewellery is over-whelming, and nothing is too big or heavy for them.

The jewellery itself are cast ( a way of making jewellery in large quantities by using wax molds) and then the final ring is polished and oxidised by hand. The website claims every ring is hand-made which is a bit cheeky as they are hand-finished not hand-made (and I know this as I know a goldsmith who used to work there) But having said that, they offer a free one-day resize service for the rings which is convenient as the rings are unisex so some come in a rather large size.

I bought the following piece back in June, as a treat for passing my driving test:





I must say that I love this ring! I did add some yellow sapphires to his eyes to jazz it up, but even without this, the looks is really fierce and different!! Price wise, this particular ring cost £135 and it has approximately 24 grams of silver so the price is actually very good for the amount of silver you are getting. The detailing is amazing and like I said, the staff are really nice and friendly.

Overall an amazing brand and I cannot wait ’til my next purchase!!


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