Red at 25!!!

The month of June is almost at its end and wow, what an amazing month it has been! June for me is always very special because my bday is on the 19th, and so is my wedding anniversary and it is the official start of summer.

As I was going to be 25, (well now sadly I am 25 !) I wanted a big change, something that made me unique, like my own ‘look’. I know it sounds weird, but I just never had a ‘look’ which was all mine. I am usually rocking long unstyled hair in some sort of brunette shade and wear a variety of random looks. However, recently I have been playing with my look and I think I got it almost nailed down. The big change was the hair. I went from this:


To cutting it all off



To dying it bright red! (I am loving my tan!!)

IMG_2003 IMG_2004


The above pictures are unfiltered and untouched, so you can see how bright the colour is!!! I’ve achieved this colour using Live XXL in Red Passion which you can get in Boots and Superdrug for about a fiver.





I adore the Color XXL range as for me it is the strongest dye out there which still leaves your hair feeling soft and not like sandpaper. Prior to dying my hair, I had a medium chocolate brown colour so I am amazed it managed to bright up my hair this much without the need of bleaching it before hand. The colour is also being even everywhere which for me it is almost impossible to achieve as I am always having highlights done so when I apply a new base colour I cannot help but end up with random bits of lighter/darker shades. What I would say is that this range of dye gets everywhere, so cover up as much as you can and clean you bathroom as soon as you can as it does stain quite a bit!!

In terms of my new fashion sense, all I will say is that I have accepted the fact that black is my thing and so my beloved wardrobe is back to being all black with a few hints of white. I have come to the conclusion that nothing is as chic as an all black outfit, even in the summer, so yes, my new look is crazy hair and boring outfit!!!

Until Next Time!!


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