Which one is best?? Bodyshop vs Bio-Essence

Last night while doing my night routine I realised that I have slowly turned all my skincare to The Body shop products. Well, it explains as my Mum has recently moved house and now lives practically next to a The Body shop so whenever I am waiting for my train home I tend to go in and come out with a bag full of goodies!

For me, certain products are key, so for make up removal is obviously Bio Derma, cleanse and serum is always Kose and moisturiser is usually a range of different brands, so these past few weeks I have been using two very similar products:


I firstly bought Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturising Gel when Caroline Hirons recommended it in her blog. At £18 for 50gr is an affordable product but one who lasts about a month max (unless I have been using too much!) The gel is very cooling and it absorbs to the skin fairly quickly while still leaving you time to massage it into the skin. As it is a gel it is suitable for those with oilier skins but personally I found it to leave my skin feeling ‘wet and shiny’ so I only use it at night. The only thing that I wasn’t too keen on this product is that even thought my skin felt wet, it didn’t feel moisturised so I would have to apply a few drops of oil to feel some kind of umph.

The second gel moisturiser is the The Body shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting which is part of the newish range of vitamin c products. At £16 for 100ml is a lot more affordable than Bio-Essence. The formula is similar in the sense that it is a cooling gel. This particular one absorbs much quicker than the Bio Essence and it does not leave your skin feeling wet but actually lightly moisturised. During the say I apply a thin layer before make up and at night I do still add a few drops of face oil just to ensure everything is nice and smooth. I know many people with sensitive skins love this products but mine is a bit temperamental so most days I am okay using it and some other days I feel some discomfort on the sides of my face. Having said so, I actually prefer this gel to the Bio-Essence as my skin actually feels softer and more radiant.

Have you tried these products? What do you think?


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