Laser Hair Removal: My Experience

My biggest physical insecurity has always been body hair, as well as being one of the most annoying things I have to deal with beauty wise, along with pedicures (I just cannot relax while getting my toes done, call me weird!) I am half Spanish and half Sri Lankan, so the hair was always going to be inevitable. For years I have tried everything, from waxing (the ingrown hairs!!), epilating (the pain!!), the creams (irritation and sensitivity for days!) and shaving (regrowth by 5pm anyone?) So anyways, this year I said enough was enough and decided to purchase 6 sessions of IPL with the help of good old Groupon. So 5 sessions later, how am I getting on?

AMAZINGLY!!! Honestly, I’ve always envied those ladies who would only need to shave once a few days or even weeks!! I just couldn’t believe how lucky people were to just being able to wake up and throw on a dress without thinking about spending an extra 15min in the shower trying your best to shave while trying to not cut yourself and not miss the entire back leg! Well now I can proudly say that I am one of those people!!

So far I have done my ‘worse’ bits, which are my lower legs, underarms and upper lip. Skin-wise, I am on the more ‘tanned’ side (so about an NC42-45) with thick dark hair which works on my side as the dark hairs really stand out. After an initial test patch I was given the green light and had my first session. Prior to my first session I had to shave all the relevant areas which for me was so strange as I have never EVER shaved my upper lip and I was terrified that the laser wouldn’t work and I would be stuck with a masculine beard (exaggeration is my thing) but I went ahead and did it. The entire appointment usually last less than 15 minutes and the lady who does it is beyond amazing! She applies a really thick layer of a cold gel and then gives you some protective eyewear. Then she just targets the area with the machine. I was so surprised by the fact that it didn’t hurt, it only felt a little warm.

After the first session, my legs were basically hairless for about 2 weeks, my under arms for about a week and so was my upper lip. The technician advised me that the upper lip is linked with your hormones so it would always need some more sessions, but even then, I was just amazed. For the first time ever, I was able to just wear a summer dress without worrying about waxing/shaving and it has honestly transformed my life.

The clinic I go to is called Bellevica which is based in Wood Green. They are really affordable (given how much some places price IPL sessions) and as I said before, the technician is beyond amazing. Obviously, everyone will experience different results, but for me this has worked really well. After my 6 sessions, I would actually leave it as it is as I now only need to shave some parts once a week which I am more than happy to do. I will also do my upper legs and basically my entire body with the exception of my eyebrows and head, but this for me is the end of the constant hair battle!!

For anyone based in the North London area who is interested, you can find out more here!


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