Why I don’t vote

This blog post is a bit of an unusual one as it has nothing to do with fashion or beauty. It has to do, as the tittle says, with the upcoming election. I wasn’t planning to write this post, but I have been getting a lot of, how do I say this, beef, for not voting, so I thought I would write a nice little summary behind my reasoning. This list is not exhaustive and it just showcases my opinion. Yes, my opinion, so even if you disagree, respect it!! Thanks x

1. I am simply disillusioned with the current choice available and I refuse to give in into this mentality of choosing the worse of two evils. I only see one option, which involves voting for some middle-class politician who has never worked in the real world and has no perception of what the reality is for the majority of people living in this country.

2. During my time in this country (10 years and counting) I have seen university fees raised, shortage of housing, high unemployment within the young, an unnecessary and damaging war, and a recession. No wonder the BBC recently reported that only 32% of 18-24 year olds didn’t vote in the last election. If voting didn’t improve things, then why should I vote again for the same people?

3. This is a democracy, hence I am free to either vote or not vote. Simple!

4. I do not buy into this entire ideal where if you don’t vote, nothing changes. Voting is not the only solution or answer for change. I believe in real actions, where it is by protesting, starting a petition or simply doing things differently in your community. Women’s rights started with protesting, not because some politicians decided it was time to give us a voice! And yes, things can be much worse, but things can also be much better.

If the right party (in my eyes) did come and I felt they understood the reality that is living in the UK, then I may be more enticed to vote. Until then, I shall do my bit my way. I am in no way saying that you should not vote. You do what you think is best and I will do the same. After-all, we all want the best for our loved ones, so really our goals are similar, so why complain if our approach is different?




  1. I do agree that sometimes it feels as though there are no good options. I just wish to know if you are registered to vote, as defacing your ballot paper saying ‘none of this are appropriate’ or words to that effect is much more powerful than not voting. Each defaced ballot paper is taken into account and if enough people do it then none of the current candidates can rerun and there will be another election. Defacing is more powerful that not voting.

    Also I’m 21 and people my age from my opinion do not vote because they tend to be lazy, do not feel informed or simply don’t care and its a shame. Also a quick note on the tuition fee front I was the first year of £9,000 fees and I will come out of university some £30,000-40,000 in debt but with more generous repayment schemes its not effected any of us and no you person I know feels as though the tuition fee increase has effected us at all.

    I respect that for now you probably are best doing things the way you feel most comfortable, if no parties reflect you as an individual then there is not always a good reason to vote. I really hope I haven’t offended you in anyway.

    1. Thank you for your comment! It is not just the candidates itself I disagree but the entire concept of how parties are organised, so defacing my ballot paper wouldn’t change that. In relation to university fees, it will affect you, but today or tomorrow but down the line you will have to pay the bill plus interest. I finished university two years ago, (I was in university the last year of the ‘reduced fees’) and even now, I feel like the repayment system could be much better and flexible, and as graduates job only pay in average £20k, you have to wonder if the fees you pay for this education is an investment or not.

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