April Favourites!!

I must admit that I am really enjoying talking about my favourite beauty products, as these are one of my favourite posts to read and YouTube videos to watch, So without further due, let’s do this!!

1. Bio-Essence | Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturising Gel £18.00 for 50g

Bioessence Hydra TriAction Aqua Moisturizing Gel review


I bought this after facialist Caroline Hirons recommended it on her blog. At £18 I thought that I could give it a go and see how it goes without being too sad if it didn’t work. The product itself is a blue cooling gel, where a small bit goes a long way. The packaging says it is mainly for those with oily skins which suits me fine, but I must say that it is not drying at all so even those with normal or combination skins are fine to use it. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I can feel a noticeable difference in my skin in terms of softness and texture. I honestly do not know how I have only just now used this as it is amazing!!!

Buy it here!


2. Eve Lom Kiss Mix | £16 for 7ml





I have spoken about my unconditional love for this product, but sometimes you just need to talk about the things you love more than once. I was given this lip balm as a Christmas gift and have since repurchased. Yes, it is pricey considering it is only a lip balm, but a little goes a long way and it is so good that you only really need to apply it before you leave the house and before going to bed. Once applied you can feel a slight tingling sensation which may bother others but for me I quite like it at it makes me believe that it is actually doing something. For me it is the only lip balm I have used that actually conditions my lips and not just gives them a hint of moisturise which disappears with the product.



3. Primark | Zebra and Glitter Cup £2.50




As part of my weight-loss journey, an important factor has been trying to drink more water. My husband has been drinking water with lemon and honey and since then, water is my new best friend!! I bought this cute cup while in Primark and I must say that since then I have been drinking a lot more water. I guess that as the cup is like one of those you get at a fast-food chain, it almost feel like I am drinking soda instead of lemon water.


4. Seventeen | Lacquer Liner Wet Look Finish for £3.99



This has been this month’s favourite discovery. When it comes to eyeliners, my preferences has always been liquid liner and the odd gel liner when I want a more matte finish. For gel liners, MAC’s Blacktrack is the only one I use as the formula is creamy, workable and it dries rather quick. For liquid eyeliners, Rimmel has always been my preference until I discovered this baby.  The brush is thin but short making it perfect for when you want a really nice flick. It dries in an instant and it lasts all day long. It has a wet finish which for me I particularly like as it is different from everybody’s else matte flick. Best part? Its £4.

Buy it here!


So these are my April favourites!! What are yours??


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