New Purchases This Month

Well, talking about a title giving it away, huh? So this past few weeks I have been trying new products and these so far are the best of the bunch. I don’t know if I should write about the bad products because honestly whenever I think of them I just want to start screaming and pulling my hair (dramatic I know, but I just hate the disappointing feeling of wasted money!)

1. First on the list is obviously hair because we all know I am obsessed with my hair. So I used to have balayage on my hair during the samer until I got tired of it and died it box-brown. My colour has since then lighten to a golden brown with dark blond streaks. Now I never bother with toning which may explain why the balayage ended up looking sooo bad but I have finally taken the plunge with these babies:



I am sure I must be the last person on this earth discovering this product but this stuff is amazeballs! The purple shampoo counteracts the brassiness in the hair and the conditioner is actually rather good. I have been using it twice a week and my hair looks a lot healthier.


2. In the quest of trying every single cleanser our there, this month’s turn is good old Vichy. I have only started using this brand a few months ago since before then I never had the financial means to spend more than a fiver on a cleaner. Finally times are better now and I can afford ‘pharmacy brands’ as I like to call them.




Now this for me is not an eye remover. Save that for Bioderma. However, as a second cleanse it is actually really good. I use two pumps and wipe it off with a hot flannel ala Caroline Hirons. It leaves the skin feeling clean but not dry. If only I could find a nice moisturiser! If you have any favourites, please do let me know.


3.Ahhhh perfume, who out there gets a mood uplift just by spraying the right scent? At the moment I am using this baby which I got from my Mum for Xmas.





I have never used Yves Rocher products but this is sooo good. The only way I could describe this is by saying that this is a sexy grown woman in a bottle. It is musky with a floral hint. As it is a parfum it actually lasts for ages and it cost less than £30 making it a bargain.

What are your new purchases for this month?

Next week I will be talking about my fitness and health update so stay tune lovelies!


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