Re-Purchases This Month: Sleek

On a recent trip to Camden I stopped by Superdrug and finally picked up a replacement of my Oh So Special palette by Sleek, because this is what happened to my old one:





So basically a few months ago I tried to depot my eye shadows and as you can see, I failed miserably. I also dropped blue nailpolish all over it, so you may say that I wasn’t having a good day. Anyways, I finally bought a replacement and can at last enjoy the palette to its full glory.











As expected, the new packaging in a bit sleeker (excuse the pun) with a different pressed finishing, but what I was amazed is how the pigmentation has also changed! For example, Bow which is the vanilla-like colour on the top left corner is now much more sheer and powdery than the original, whereas Celebrate which is the deep purple on the top right corner is so much better now. I am wondering now if all Sleek palettes have new formulations….For me personally, I have kept my broken palette as I use Bow very often and the new one just sucks.

On another note, I finally bought their ‘Matte Me’ lip Gloss in Fandango Purple and I must say that I really like it. Now I still prefer YSL Lipstain even though it is a gloss, but I feel it lasts better than a matte version, but for the price (£4.99) you can’t complain.  Here is a pic of me after wearing it for about 3 hours:





What do you think of Sleek products? Do you like them?


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