Big Hair Product Alert!!

Let’s get two things straight before I continue with this blog:

1. Yes this is another post in where I use a picture by Google and as much as I would love to take pretty pictures, by the time I get work from home is pitched dark and I can’t be bothered to set up my portable lighting studio. Besides, it is either pretty picture or useful content. You decide!

2. This post is about hair, which I know nothing about! This is my opinion and my opinion only. If you know any better products PLEASEEEE let me know (*begs down on her knees*)

Now moving on…. I have fine hair, fine damaged hair, and I also have a big head, which together makes a not-so-pretty combo. All I ever want when it comes to hair is sexy Victoria Secret hair, which I only get at the hairdressers and even then, it takes about 2 hours to achieve and it becomes flat in around the same time frame.

So a few months ago my hairdresser used this baby on me and I loved it so much that I bought it on the spot:





Depending where you are buying this baby, it will cost you around anything from £10 to about £25 so it is not cheap at all. However it is amazing! Actually before even talking about this product let’s talk about the fact that it has been sitting by my night table for about 3 months because I couldn’t make it work properly (it kept leaking and not ‘becoming’ a foam) until I realised I didn’t even break the seal (*slaps her own face*) so now that I am all over this silly ordeal I can finally enjoy this product for what it is.

What I love about this is how good it is at giving volume with minimal effort. All I do is apply a golf-ball size amount to wet roots and give it a good shake around the head, then blow my hair with hot air in all crazy directions until I have something like this:



Then I brush my hair lightly in the correct direction, and voila!! Amazing hair!! I do apply some argan oil to the tips as I feel the crazy blow out leaves them looking a bit dry, but overall my hair looks healthy and full of volume. Another plus is the fact that it leaves your hair feeling normal- no weird texture or smell.

You can buy it from Amazon for under a tenner here so better you get it in there and not at the hair salons like I did!!


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