Introducing Bobby Brown

Dedication today is a key word as I am typing this on Christmas Eve. Yes, there is the little fact that I am at work with not much to do, but still, this is what dedication looks like.

So a few weeks back I went to Florence and on the way there I did the usual credit-card damage that is Duty-Free shopping. Since then I have promised myself that next time I will just sit down somewhere and have a nice breakfast rather than run around like a mad woman trying to buy as much as possible in 40 min while eating a sandwich AND holding a cup of coffee at the same time (trust me, it is stressful!)

Anyways,  I was in need of a new foundation and I didn’t want to go down the same old route of Estee Lauder Double Wear or MAC Face and Body so I decided to try Bobby Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation with SPF15. Now, this may shock you but I have never ever EVER owned anything by BB, which for me sounds insane considering how much I love make up. Anyhow, this foundation is amazing! It provides a medium coverage and it is really easy to blend. One pump is all I need on a good day, and about two pumps if I really wake up looking like this:



Longevity wise, I would say it lasts a good 7 to 8 hours and it wears off really nicely, not patchy at all. The shade I bought is Honey 5 which is at the moment 2 shades darker than mine but I do prefer my foundations to be on the darker side as I do tan my face from time to time.


To complement this, the lady at the counter slap some bronzer on which I loved, so I obviously also bought that, in the shade medium.



What I like about the brozer is that:

1. It’s dark enough to show up on my skin (and this is only the medium one so darker skins can still use Shade 3)

2. It is a perfect balance of orange and grey

3. It is buildable and wears off nicely

I must say that both products have been an amazing introduction to the brand and I cannot wait to buy a few more bits in the future.


Do you like Bobby Brown? What products do you love/hate?





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