The Skin Goddess

You can tell when Xmas season is upon us, when out of nowhere, your weekdays are completely packed with drinks, dinners and events. It is the season to laugh, spend time with some loved one, and eat like there is no tomorrow.

About a month ago, between all the wine and dinning, I signed up for an event hosted by the one and only Caroline Hirons. Yup, you heard that right, Mrs Caroline Hirons threw an evening event at the new BLOW store in Canary Wharf and I attended.

So how was it? It was everything I expected and more. Caroline was there to introduce a new range of Japanese skincare and to just have a girly chat about all things skin. She gave us a demonstration about the new range called Kose(exclusive to BLOW) and answered all of our questions in her iconic ‘humourous-but-to-the-point’ style.



I bought the entire range of course because I truly liked the texture of the products and the subtle smell (it has rice water/milk in it). Also because Caroline Hirons recommended it and who says no to her? It has now been about 4 weeks so I can honestly say it is really good. The entire range is very mild and calming, and it almost feel like it is caresing your skin and not stripping it bare. The trial size comes with all the products except for the cleanser so I obviously also bought it separately. You can’t do things half way can you?


The cleanser is really mild and creamy, and even though the brand recommends to use it with cotton pads, I just masagge it into the skin with my hands and wipe it off with a face cloth.

The serum is very runny and it absorbs quickly. To be honest, I am not really sure how this is doing anything to my skin but as it is part of the set, I just slap it on. The serum for me needs to really be followed by a moisturiser or else my skin becomes a lil sticky to the touch.

The eye cream is heaven in a tub. It is thick and luxurious and a little cold. It slides beautifully and leaves your eyes looking more awake. It is my favourite product of the entire range and it will definitely be repurchased once I am done with it. (On a side note, the sample provided in the started kit may seem tiny but trust me I have been using it most nights and I still have plenty left)

The last product, the moisturizer is also really good. Sometimes it can feel a bit heavy on my skin so I wear it mainly at night as it can leave me a bit shiny in the mornings. I think this will be heavenly on drier skins.


Well, I feel like I have rumbled for long enough, so if you want to check out the range, link is here!


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