When Life Gets TOUGH


As my last post was about fashion, I thought I may as well keep this space interesting by writing one of those posts about life, you know, the ones I like to rant and brag for a long time until my keyboard gives up on me. Well, these posts happen to get the most attention from you lovely people so that must mean that you also enjoy reading them (or you simply feel sorry for me!) Either way, today I want to talk about life and career choices.

London is one of those wonderful places where you can believe that anything can happen. It is the land of opportunity and hard work. It is also the city that loves to complain and leave things as that. For the past month or so, I have felt me become one of those people who just sits, stares at the wall and moans about life. Now, you must understand that this is not me at all- I am usually the one who is looking at opportunities, and feeling great about life, but this is not the case right now. And then it hit me- life is getting tougher.


When you are in your teenage years you feel like you can conquer the world and you have plenty of time to live life and decide what to do with it. Then you blink and you are almost 25 and still have no clue what you are doing. Then to top it off, people try to re-assure you but saying these like; ‘oh hunny its not too late yet, you can still make it’ WHAT???? Are you trying to tell me that I am actually running out of time? Then obviously you start sulking, and realise that between your day job/chores/socialising, you have no time or energy left to even begin sorting out your life. This is what we call the Rat Race, and there is no end to it.

There is an end of course, bu that is if you are willing to take risks and do something out of the ordinary. The more comfortable you are, the less chances to doing what you want you will have. I have recently read an amazing book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and while it didn’t particularly thought me much that I didn’t already know about finances, it gave me something much more: confidence to do my thing.

I graduated last year with amazing grades but I felt that I still didn’t know what to do with my life, and how I was going to use of those theories I learnt into practice. I began to understand that university degrees are not what I thought they were and did not give me the skills or guidance to obtain job satisfaction and financial stability. A year later, I know understand that books are not everything and that for me to become the person I want to be, I need to make the sacrifices and the changes needed in order to do so.

Life is too short, and I believe that there is no better time than now to chase your dreams and make them a reality. And if it doesn’t work out? Oh well, at least you tried and that is something that only a minority of people can say.

So from this week, I have taken a personal promise to do something everyday which helps me towards my final goal. It could be 10 min or an entire day- the important thing is that I am actively working towards something and not just working to pay my bills.

I hope all of you are following your dreams, and are working hard for what you deserve. Because if you don’t, no one else is going to do it for you and you will have only yourself to blame.

Until Next Time!



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