The End of an Era

I know this blog is just adding to the plethora of articles and blog posts, but I don’t care! How could I not write about Oscar de la Renta?

When it comes to high fashion, there are two types of designers: the likes who do commercial and avant garde designs such as Chanel and Gucci, and the ones who just make pretty clothes, like Roberto Cavalli and Oscar de la Renta. Clothes that you just want to wear, and know that you will look and feel like a princess.

I also always had a special soft spot for him because he was South American, and I am all about supporting the Hispanic community, but also I loved the fact that his clothes, especially dresses, were so elegant and simple. For me nothing brings more joy than a pretty simple dress.

The fashion world has lost one of the most visionary and charismatic designers in our time, but at least we had the privilege to experience the fascinating world and creativity that is Mr de la Renta.




oscar2 oscar3




Until Next time!


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