Shopping List: Coats

You could say I have been living in London for so long now, that I actually adore fall (and yes, I will always call autumn fall, because I refuse to forget my American lingo). I love the colder, darker nights, the smell of roasted chestnuts, and hot chocolate, and best of all, layering.

This summer it was well documented that I did put some unwanted pounds, and even though I have started to visit the gym more often now, I love the fact that I can now hide the bits I am not loving at the moment with cardigans and knits. I also miss dressing in black. Like, who doesn’t like black? I DON’T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE THAT DON’T DRESS IN BLACK!! What is wrong with them?!?!?

Anyways, I am obviously getting distracted, so let’s put together a list of all the coats I am lusting over.

Long Coat from Zara-£159
Long Coat from Zara-£159


Every year I buy a Zara coat, it’s a tradition I started 2 winters ago and plan to continue. I saw this on Shirley’s blog and I just fell in love with it. I love how versatile and flattering it is. Shame about the price!


Orla faux fur leather biker sleeve coat- £59
Orla faux fur leather biker sleeve coat- £59


May I say how impressed I am by Missguided coats? They are looking soooo fierce….I must have them all! This one is definitely my style, from the leather sleeves, to the fur collar, to the fact it is black. I love it! Definitely my first purchase will be this baby!


Amalie Fur Collar Wool Coat Black- £65


Another classic piece from MissGuided, this one is for those night walks with my boo, holding hands while sipping on Costa’s Xmas Special Hot Chocolate (You can tell I am sucker for Xmas, huh?) I have never owned such a long coat, so this would be something very different to what I am used to).


ROMWE Sheer Blue Coat- £27.43
ROMWE Sheer Blue Coat- £27.43


And what better way to finish than with this lovely baby blue coat by Romwe. Last year I bough a lovely coat/poncho from them, and sadly the sizing was way off, but now after a few buys I have a better idea of sizes and I can really enjoy their lovely goodies. This coat for me is perfect for fall as it looks to be not too thick, and who doesn’t like a pop of colour? Specially if you wear as much black as me! AND THE PRICE??? IT’S AMAZING!!!!

Well, these are my top picks this winter. Next? Boots!!!!



  1. I completely am with you on not understanding people who don’t dress in black, what other colors are there?! Even when I dabble with color I miss all my black clothes far too much. That Zara coat is to die for, if it wasn’t so expensive I would put that on my list! Have you seen the gorgeous forest green faux leather jacket they have under the special prices? Its gorgeous. Great post! Mind checking out my blog? 🙂

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