My Wedding Dress

So just over a month ago I got married to my best friend and it was one of those magical days that I will always remember. The preparation for the big day was very easy and relaxed, mainly because it was just him and me by the beach with no guests. Having said so, I did the fatal mistake of ordering a dress from China which needless to say it was horrible and nothing like the picture. As I only had a couple of weeks until the big day, I needed a ready-made dress which was not only stunning but also on the cheap side of the scale ( I refuse to spend thousands on a dress which I will only wear for one day)

My best friend and I headed to Oxford Street and we were actually surprised by the variety of dresses available. Places like BHS, House of Fraser, and Debenhams all offered really nice dresses. At the end I feel in love with this dress from Ghost.


When I first saw the dress on the hanger, I didn’t particularly like it but once it was on, I knew it was the one. The material is very silky and the lace is really well made. What I would say though, is that as the material is so fine, you do need nude undies and its not very flattering if you are bigger than a size 12. This dress also comes in navy which is to die for!!

You can buy/view the dress here!

Until next time!


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