On my nails this week….

I love nails. Well, I have an obsession with nails. For me, you could be wearing some boyfriend jeans, a basic tank top and some converse high tops, and yet you will look ‘polished-up’ with a fancy mani. Maybe is the American in me, but I cannot stand chipped nails, I just don’t see the need, specially now with some many nail bars everywhere.

By anyways, now that my mini-rant is over, I can tell you all about my mini nail haul, courtesy of Westfield (White City of course!)


The L.A. Colors paint brushes I bought from Beauty Base for about a pound each, and I am so impressed by them. The brush is on the thick side, but the formula is very pigmented and the long handle enables easier application.

The Barry M polish is in the colour Pink Punch and it’s from their Gelly collection. I love this range because the colours are very pigmented, and they usually last quite long. The only problem is that as they try to replicate the effect of gel, the consistency can be quite thick making application a bit tricky sometimes.

So, with these babies in hand, I entertained myself yesterday, and this is the end result!



I like to call this look ‘Sweet Candy’ (yup, I like to name my nail art!)

Have you been wearing bright nail polishes? If so, what are your favourites?



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