New Skincare…new face?

As I am reaching my mid-20s (*sighs*) I can see how my skin is not as ‘glowing and tight’ as it used to be. Whereas this has made me totally paranoid and thinking I am actually turning 40, I do believe it is time my skincare routine should adapt to these changes.

I have oily skin and large pores on my nose. Because of this, I am always scrubbing my face with St Ives (yes, I know I know) and then cleaning my face with Neutrogena’s acid wash. This basically lead to more oiliness and larger pores so I would scrub my face even more (twice daily, yes I know!!!) and hope for the best. Then I discovered the Skin Goddess that is Caroline Hirons a few years back and I have come to realise how bad my skin care routine was. I mean, my routine was so bad that I didn’t even moisturized either as I though it would add to my oiliness. Madness, I know.

 Now that I know better,  I use a make up remover and a cleanser. The make up remover is obviously Bio Derma which is beyond amazing and should be given cult status and its own star in the Hollywood walk of fame, but you already knew that! My second cleanser is actually this baby:





This is a super gentle cleanser and its suppose to be used without rinsing. I bought this with their spring water spray, and to be honest, I am still unsure how I feel about this product. The Spring water is simply amazing and I will blag about it in another post, but the cleanser is just a weird one.

The consistency is like a runny gel, and it has a slight fragrance smells which does worry me as it is suppose to be for gentle cleansing. It does not take all your make up off, so I do use the Bio Derma first. However, once applied and wiped off with a cotton ball, my skin feels clean and moisturized, as it leaves a slight film on your skin. I know some people hate this residue but I particularly don’t mind it. It hasn’t made my skin any worse, but it hasn’t made my skin look amazing either, but then again this is just a cleanser.

My overall opinion is that this is a good product if you use a stronger make up cleanser prior usage. On its own, it is very weak, but it does refresh the skin and leaves it feeling soft.

Once this is finished I will try Liz Earle and see if it is as amazing as people say.

Have you used Avene gentle cleanse before? If so, what do you think of it?


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