New Make-up Base

I have a thing about bases, where I personally do not see the point in them but I still buy/use them. I tend to go for high street brands because, like I just said, I am generally not a big fan of them. Well, that is with the exception of Benefit’s Porefessional which for me its a cult item, and should be give to me by free because I am such a big fan (*wishes*)

So, to add to my pointless collection of bases, I bought this new one from L’Oreal.





This is part of L’Oreal Colour Correction range and it comes with a green version and a translucent one, so you can choose one to suit your problem areas. I have seen these types of bases a few times, but I never really though much of it. This time I decided to just go for it, and buy the orange one to target my grey areas. I am of Asian descend so around my eyes and mouth I have dark pigmentation, which I usually tackle with Benefit Erase Paste (you can see my love for Benefit, huh?) and some Nars concealer on top. However, I only do that around my eyes and I just leave my mouth area alone and rock the pigmentation (as you do!)

Well, this little product reckons to solve this little issue. The consistency is very runny, and not that orange at first. You are meant to wear it as a base or on its own, but I find it too orange on its own so I look a bit silly.  I also find that I have to moisturize well and apply the tiniest amount or else it looks very cakey (which goes against it claim to very hydrant)  For me, it works best under Mac Studio Fix as that foundation is way too yellow for me, so both counteract each other and I end up with half a decent face.

Overall, I am quite content with it, and it has made me think of maybe purchasing Stila’s more expensive version to see if maybe this is something I would permanently add to my routine.

For now, I am looking for a tinted moisturizer as foundations and summer do not go together in my opinion.




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