Eating at Dozo Sushi

Last weekend I decided to celebrate my first paycheck from my new job by heading to Soho for dinner. I didn’t book a table anywhere an I didn’t really know where I was going; all I knew is that I wanted something delicious and different.

After a rather cold and uninspiring walk  we (as in Hubs and me) saw this:


The outside of the restaurant really grabbed me as it look very traditional. I never actually been to an authentic Japanese restaurant so I knew right there and then that this was going to be the place for dinner that night. (My stomach was agreeing too at that point!)

The place had the traditional look of low tables and cushions to rest your knees but it was actually and illusion as there was a gap where you could put your feet in. Very original!

Even though the place was known for the sushi, we decided to eat some real Ramen as I keep making it at home but never have the real deal. I had the Tempura ramen (Prawn and vegetable tempura served with Ramen, Udon or Soba in soya Clear soup, seaweed, spring onion, spinach and fish cake £8.80) and Hubs had the Dozo Seafood ramen (Noodles in soya with fish soup served with seafood, Fish cake, nitamago egg and vegetable £8.80). I really enjoyed mine but after a while the broth became just too fishy for me, but the nooles were so good, and so was the fish. Hubs ramen was nicer in terms of the broth as it was very creamy, so next time I will definitely have it.



I also had some grilled prawns which were £2 each and not worth it as they were overly grilled. Apart from that, the place was actually really good, with amazing service so we will definitely return again to try their sushi.

Where have you been to eat recently?


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