Today I am loving…….my new boots

Last Sunday I headed to good old Camden for some me time and I ended shopping; and when I say ‘shopping’ I mean quite crazily, as if my account had endless amounts of cash. It felt quite liberating as I am the sort of person who buys a few bits and bobs every now and then an never a HUGE haul in one go. Anyway, on that particular day I was browsing the endless amounts of shoe shops in the high street when I saw these babies:



I have an obsession with boots and I was after a new pair since my last trusty New Look ones sadly broke apart. I have been wearing them all week (as it has been raining like crazy and they are one of the few shoes I have that are waterproof) and they are so comfy and soft. But the best part? They were on sale for £15. BARGAINNNNN


If you are interested in some nice boots, then head to ‘4 Feet’ in Camden where their sale is still going on and it is insanely good! (I bought another pair which should be making an entrance on this post very soon!)

Until Next Time!


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