IFEMA 2014

Wow….let me sit down and just chill for a second or two…because these past two weeks have been HECTIC!! First, I was job hunting like a mad woman and manage to finally get quite a few interviews all within a 3 day frame. Then got a new job (hurray!!! finally!! I can breathe now) and went off to Spain (as you do) to support Mama at IFEMA and then got back on Monday early morning to start work at my new job….basically HECTIC!!

Today I finally had some inspiration and more time to finally get my life together, an I thought we may start with this blog.

So, like I just said, I went to Spain for 4 days as my Mama is working for a Sri Lankan tourism agency and she was representing the company in IFEMA. For those who don’t know, IFEMA is a massive tourist event where different agencies and countries showcase their culture/promotions and so on. When I say its Massive, I MEAN IT, it’s like the size of Excel London x 3.

The 4 days went in a blur, all I remember is working with Mama, eating good food and trying to catch a glimpse of the city. It was the first time I went to Madrid and actually leave the airport, so I was really happy to explore the city. I was really surprised how clean the city was, and how cheap the food was (considering it is the capital of Spain).

Even though it was a really short trip, I am already planning another visit in where I can just enjoy the capital and not work. I am so happy I’ve met some amazing people at IFEMA which hopefully I will introduce to you through this blog very soon.

Anyway, here are a few pics (mainly of IFEMA)


The center of Spain






That’s Mama in front of a bear…why not?!?





Some pictures of beautiful Sri Lanka


CUBA!!!! One day, One day!



Until Next Time!!



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