Review: Bourjois Baked Intense Shadow in 03

Well, talk about giving it away with the tittle, huh? What can I say? I like to be upfront!

So me and bourjois have a weird relationship, I say weird because in the beauty community they seem to the be the rave, specially as they own Chanel cosmetics and not the other way around. So far I must admit that I have only tried a small selection of their range, which to this point are:

-Clubbing mascara ( a 7 out of 10 for me, too wet and bumpy)

– Their amazing nail polish remover ( Where have you been ALL MY LIFE?)

-And this baked eyeshadow:



The reason I picked this up is mainly because the colour reminded me so much of Gold Diamonds from the mono-shadow collection from Maybelline from donkey years ago. I am so in love with that shade that I still have the smallest amount of that eyeshadow left which I am saving to wear on my wedding day. I.AM.NOT.KIDDING.  I have serious issues as you can tell.

Anyway, this is a more pinky version of it, so I though to give it a try today. This is the result (these pictures were taken post make-up application, pre setting powder so I do look a bit shiny)



These pictures were taken under normal sunlight with no flash and no re-touching. All I am wearing is this colour all over my lid and a bit of 17 matte bronzer on the crease. As you can see, the colour payment is more of a satin wash which is very pretty and subtle. Is ideal if you want to wear glitter during the day without looking like a hooker or a travesty.

I personally like the colour. It is nowhere near as pretty as the Maybelline version but it is a good alternative. I applied the eyeshadow in the morning with no primer and it manage to last until 2pm which is not bad at all. My only complain is that it is useless to use when wet which is surprising coming from a bake eyeshadow and that it can be a bit chalky, so a primer is recommended.

What do you think of bourjois products? Do you like them?


1 Comment

  1. I love this color. I guess it`s hard to find such pretty pink eyeshadow.
    I have never used Bourjois products, but i feel that very soon i won`t be able to resist!

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