My Relationship with Fitness


Like many women I know, my relationship with fitness is not a pleasant one. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks, but when it comes to serious fitness routines, I chicken out.

Over the years my weight has been a constant yo-yo, loosing weight occasionally, and more often than not putting a pound or two extra every year. So, earlier this year I decided enough was enough and I joined the gym. I must admit that the saying ’80 per cent food, 20% exercise’ is incredible true, as for the first few months, there was no difference at all. I also realized that I needed to head to the gym at least 3 times a week, for an hour session minimum each time. Basically, I was doing it all wrong. Finally now,  (while suffering the worst body ache ever after a grueling session) I am starting to see small results.

I am by no means writing this post claiming to know it all, but more to say that if I am able to move my ass to the gym and give up on cake, then anyone can do it. You just got to be motivated and find a good enough reason for you to do it. For me, I always wanted to be very strong, as well as look good in tight-fitting clothes, so whenever I don’t feel motivated, I just picture myself in a bodycon dress and I am ready to hit the gym!

While in the gym, I do 30 min of cardio, which can be either cycling, cross-trainer or fast-walking with high inclination, then I do weight resistance on my legs and arms for about 20 min and finish off with 15 min of abs.

The days I come late from work, I tend to do two small workouts which are very intense and very effective, as shown below:




The things that are really helping me at the moment are:

-Check Instagram pictures of amazingly fit women

-Stock up on veg

-Ditch all sweets in my house

-Prepare food the night before

-Always have nuts or dry fruit to munch while a work

-Tea…loads of it, in different flavours and no sugar

I hope that this little post about my journey has inspired you to start yours. Life is very short, so let’s enjoy it to the max, and treat our bodies the best way we can.

Until Next Time!

Disclaimer: I still have ‘naughty treats’ every now and then, as I believe a healthy life is a life in moderation.


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