My Passion for Jewellery

I find rather bizarre that since starting this blog, I have barely spoken much about the world of jewellery. I say this because my career is entirely based on this industry. For those who do not know, I am a manager at a large jewellery brand based in Hatton Garden, which practically means that I am constantly being surrounded by diamonds and precious metals (lucky me!) I have been in this industry for almost 5 years, so you can say that I know a thing or two about jewellery.

Working in Hatton Gardens means that I specialize on the higher end of the industry, but that does not mean that I do not enjoy high street brands just as much. These are my favorites at the moment:

1. Mi Moneda

Mi Moneda (which translates to ‘My Coin from Spanish’) is a brand which allows you to choose your own coin-shaped vintage-inspired pendant, so that you can change your jewellery according to the look you are going for on a particular day. They have beautiful rose gold plated chains and coins which are a personal favourite, as well as coins with inspiring quotes and messages.

You can get shop brand from Beaverbrooks.


Gold plated coin £76


Gold plated coin £18.50


Silver Chain £73.50

2. Pandora

When I think about Pandora, bitter -sweet memories come to mind. I have to thank them for introducing me to the world of jewellery, but I am sooo glad I no longer work there. Having said that, their Lovepod range in phenomenal. Made in 18ct White, Rose and Yellow Gold, and encrusted with diamonds and gemstones, their premium range is a must-have. I guess most people will identify Pandora with charm bracelets but charms are not my style.

Prices start at £600 so they are not cheap. (But they are stunning!!)



3. APM Monaco

If you love bling but your bank balance won’t allow you, then APM Monaco is for you. Its collection is based on the glamour of old aristocracy as found in Monaco, so the bling factor is high, but without the Essex look. For me, this is my favourite High Street brand at the moment. The quality of the range is really good, as well as the crystals they use. These designs are in my Xmas list:


Silver and Swarovski crystals ring £65


Silver and Crystals Bangle £195

You can purchase APM Monaco from Goldsmiths.

Until Next Time!


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