New Thing I Have Discovered Recently…..

1. Plum Lips

I can officially say that I am back in love with my YSL colour stain in number, 23; a rich deep berry plum colour. I am also eyeing MAC’s Hang Up as a possible matte alternative. For me, plum coloured lips remind me of my mother, who has always been a fan of the shade for ever, so I never wore it because of it. However, now as the likes of Riri and Kim Kardashian are wearing it, and I feel brave enough to rock such a statement colour again. Nothing represents fall as a deep lip.

2. New Ways To Use Bronzer

I am a firm believer of a strong cheek. My day to day make up consist of concealer, mascara and loads of cheek products. I use contouring, bronzer, blush and highlighter…ALL AT ONCE! (yes, It is a bit of an obsession) But now I discovered that I can contour my eye socket to make my eyes look deeper and more sultry. I call this a win-win situation.

3. Kenny Rogers

I love old school country (as well as gangsta rap, I’m eccentric like that) and recently I’ve been listening to some of my mum old music collection which is heavily based on Kenny Rogers. I forgot how much I love him. He sings in a way that makes you feel as if he was singing to you, and I love the fact that most of his songs take a positive approach in life.

4. Winter Coats

About 5 years ago I hated coats. I felt they were heavy, uncomfortable and simply annoying. This basically means that I have spent many years being cold for pointless reasons. Nowadays is a different story, since meeting my Hubs he has introduced me to the world of winter coats and now I have an unhealthy obsession with them. So far I have 5 coats and I am already eyeing a few for this year. I am inclining towards a vintage faux fur coat for this winter….


I think I am addicted to Xmas which is an irony in itself considering I am an atheist! I always find Xmas day to actually be a massive anti-climax but what I really enjoy is the leading up to it. I love the markets, the cold cosy nights, the trees, and the lights. I also love hot chocolate with baileys……

And here is a pic of my with my YSL Lip Stain, my ‘contoured’ eyes, and my new beanie and scarf…..Winter, I AM READY FOR YA!!!


Until Next Time!!!


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