The Art of Being Parisian


Believe it or not, I am actually typing writing, I mean, properly writing this post, with pen and paper. I find this simple task so liberating, no longer a slave to a mac (sorry apple fans, I am PC for life) but free to really express my feelings and opinions.

Writing the traditional way is also reminding me how tiring it can get, but I won’t give up, I shall conquer this and write this post by hand! (and then type it all over again, as I am doing now)

The reason for this post is because recently my mind has revolved around Paris, and its culture. In university I studied the language for 3 years by force (is a requirement in my career) but towards the last year I suddenly fell in love with the language and the culture. Also, last February I surprised my Boo with a short trip to the city and that is when my love really began. I adore the authenticity of its city, and how its buildings have remained unchanged over the years. There is of course the iconic Parisian woman; slender, petite, astute, strong and with a remarkable sense of style.

Their sense of style was reminded to me a few days ago when a colleague returned to work after maternity leave. She is, of course, Parisian, with an impeccable sense of style, in that ‘I just woke up looking this fab‘ style that I consistently fail at. For Parisian women, fashion is not dictated by trends and being different. To dress like them, you need to really understand your body shape, and focus on really-well-made basics, and good tailoring. However, the Parisian woman is not only concerned with fashion; they enjoy life and are in control of their lives, not a slave of it.

A recent post by the amazing Garance Dore (she is French, and passionate about fashion and life-please Google her!) really shed some light into the mysteries revolving around Parisian women. It’s a must read!

For me, I can relate into the effortless look, as I tend to keep everything very low key but I admit that I fail completely at recreating their fashionista status.

How do you feel about Parisian women? Do you agree when I say they are fashion icons?

Disclaimer: picture sourced from Google.


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