Recent OOTD’s: 3 Outfits

Recently my style has been a bit more edgy than usual, and I have been really experimenting with existing pieces from my wardrobe. I feel like in today’s world, and specially in the world of fashion, there is a need to constantly be buying new clothes and disregarding them as soon as you have been pictured in them.

With that being said, here are three outfits I have been loving recently, where I mix really old pieces with new additions. I hope you enjoy it!


The first outfit is a beautiful long-sleeve midi dress. I usually pull the length of the dress to make it shorter as otherwise I feel like Kim’s famous flower dress! The cut out boots are also new from Ebay. The clutch is super old and it’s from Monsoon. The watch is my good old DKNY- close up


This is how the print looks like:


My beautiful and HUGE ring is from a small jewellers in Victoria Station.


My second outfit is my partyyyy outfit. The boots are new, from Everything for £5 .com, the sequins jacket, the lace shorts and the gold chain are from H&M (from 2 years ago), and the purple silk top is from Zara (about 3 years old)

(Disclaimer: Feel free to wear tights if you live in the UK!)





The third and last outfit is my ‘casual’ outfit, which once again, sensible people should wear with tights. The flats are new from Ebay (a spike has already fallen out but now it looks like a stud so I am still loving it), the dress/tshirt is about 5 years old and it is from Jane Norman, and the Denim Oversize tee (which covers my dignity) is from Next (about 4 years old).




Until Next Time!!


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