The battle of the body scrubs!!

So I am writing another review…I don’t know why I love comparing products so much, but I just do!

This time the ‘face-off’ will be against two body scrubs, which leads to me to this question:

“Since when do I use body scrubs?”

I use body scrubs like fake tan; basically, only when I remember using them. I don’t use them religiously, but only when I can spot them in the shower. However, I still keep buying them (you know,just in case…)

Having said that, I tend to do a double-scrub, which involves firstly applying the product on dry skin with a body brush, and then doing it again on wet skin. You may think this is excessive, but it works for me, so I will stick to my routine.

So, enough waffling and let’s get on…!

The first and original body scrubber for me is by your truly, The Body Shop, and its the mango one. It smells like freshly picked mango, and the beads are quite coarse. Whereas I like the smell of it and the size of the beads, I still find that they melt ever so quickly. I feel that as soon as the product touches my skin, it melts away, whether it is applied wet or dry.



I think this scrub would suit someone with sensitive skin, as it is really mild.

The second one is my new Holy Grail. I only purchased it because I had a £10 voucher from M&S and that was the only thing that caught my eye. Now, this baby is suppose to have mother of pearl crushed in, which to be honest, I don’t know how is that relevant or helpful, but anyway, this stuff IS GOODDDD!


The sugar beads are big and they don’t melt easily so you can rub it on your skin for a good while. The actual product is amazing, and it leaves your skin baby soft, to the point where it feels as if you applied baby oil after the shower.

Are you into body scrubs? If so, what are your favourites?

Next post will be a fashion-related one for once!

Until Next Time!


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