What’s On My Skin This Month……


The past few days have really been tough….

* I was ill with IBS all weekend

* Work has been super busy

Which means I have been at home feeling bad for myself (bla bla bla) and just not doing much. However, when I feel down, nothing makes me happier than a bath, my hubs and super rich lotions.

My affair with rich lotions is a weird one; I love The Body Shop’s mango body butter but that is pretty much as scented as I would go. That was until I discovered this baby:



Now, I have heard many good things about this product, mainly the fact that it smells a bit like Miss Dior (one of my fav scents ever), but the price has always put me off  ( only a tenner but I never spend more than a fiver for  a body lotion, you see) But a few weeks ago I had a YOLO moment and I bought it. Oh how glad I did so!

It smells like Miss Cherie but with a hint of passion fruit….freaking divine!! It has Shea butter, Almond oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Rosehip Seed and Vitamin E…..basically it’s full of good stuff. Use it on damp skin after a shower and omg…skin is baby soft. Another plus is the packaging…I hate digging my nails into tubs, so the pump is a greatly received by me.

The second product is this baby:


I have been using Nivea Soft for about a year now, and it does wonders for me. I have confused skin (one day is oily, the next is super dry) and this cream manages to satisfy my skin whenever the day. It has a subtle smell, and it absorbs quickly. I believe it costs around £6 so it is a bargain. I am unsure if this moisturiser would work for older/problematic skin, but if you have ‘decent’ skin then this is ideal for you.

What are your go-to creams?


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