Make up review: Benefit Bad Gal Lash vs Benefit They’re Real

Well, the title is pretty much self explanatory, so let’s get started!

The first product is Bad Gal Lash, which costs £17.50. The brush is very thick and fluffly, but the product formulation is quite thick, so what you get is a very feathery and voluminous result. Because the brush is so big, application can be messy, and is also a nightmare if you want to use it for your lower lashes. In terms of clumps, I only started to notice them when I applied more than three coats (yes, I am one of those people).



This mascara for me is really good, not only because it lasts a long time, but it is also easy to remove and doesn’t make my lashes feel dry and stiff. This is by far one of my favourite mascaras, and that is a big statement for me to make!

The second product is their They’re Real mascara, which has received some amazing reviews in the beauty world. For me, I believe it is the brush what makes it special; it is a plastic brush with tiny little spikes of different sizes, which enables to brush out your lashes as you are applying the product. The formula is more runny than in Bad Gal which I found bizarre, as I would expect it to be thicker in order to take full advantage of the brush. However, as the formulation is more runny, application is a breeze and the end result are really long and separated lashes. On the negative side, it is a bi*ch to take off,  it still clumps and it makes your lashes feel really hard and brittle.




For me, this mascara is ideal as a’base’ to elongate your lashes, and then finish it off with Bad Gal Lash for some volume. Whereas this combo is really too-over-the-top for everyday wear (for me, at least!), it is an ideal combo for a night out.

Funnily enough, I prefer the Bad Gal, even though it is cheaper (They’re Real retails at £19.50), and less raved about.  It still doesn’t beat Rimmel Sexy Lashes, but it is definitely a close second.

Until Next Time!






  1. I haven’t used Bad Gal Lash but I completely agree with you on Benefit’s They’re Real, it’s horrible to take off and so clumpy!

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