Make Up Review: Kiko Make Up Milan

While I was in Venice a couple of weeks ago, I encountered a small make up store filled with people. The store was called Kiko Make Up Milan, and I have never heard of it. Now, regardless of where I am in the world, if I see a new make up brand, then

The layout of the store reminded me of The Make Up Store in Carnaby street, but the prices are more like high street brands. I didn’t want to go all out and spend money on a brand I didn’t know, so I only bought two items.

Let the review start!!


20130715_141456 (1)

I have been after a good top coat for ages. I always bought either from 17 or Collection, but neither of them were cutting it for me any more. That was until I tried this bad boy. Now, the consistency is thick, like if you left the bottle open overnight and it’s drying out. But don’t worry, it is meant to be like that. Apply one coat as thinly as possible, and you are left with a shine so bright it looks like gel. I also found that it made my nail varnish stay fresh for longer.

Cost? A bargain at £2.50



The second item is a baked eye shadow which came in a packaging very similar to MAC. The colour is in 31 which is a deep brown with gold shimmer. I must admit the pigmentation is not that great, but if you pair it with eye shadow primer, then it does the job greatly. I used it as an easy smokey eye look and it was great.


Cost? £5.60

My overall opinion

I will be honest and say that I need to try more products. The two I bought were good, but the eye shadow could have been better. Having said that, they have a UK website at and they have currently a sale so I will buy more products and decide then whether it is a keeper or not.

Until Next Time



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