M.I.A. No more!!!

Wow, this past month has been a roller-coaster, full of ups and downs, but definitely super eventful!! To give you a little summary of what’s been happening in my life, I finished exams, then I found out I got a First Honours (yeayy!), went to Spain and Venice, moved home, and got a new job. Yup, all of that happened in a month!! So, needless to say, this poor blog has suffered as a result.

However, my two week break and starting my new job has definitely given me some much needed energy and I am ready for some serious blogging!!! Today I thought I will ease myself into the writing routine by posting  a few pics of my holidays in Venice, which you may have seen them already if you follow me on FB. Over the next few weeks I will write about the few bits and bobs I bought while on holiday, and some beauty reviews as well.  Enjoy!

Rone's iphone 420

Rone's iphone 434

This is one of my favourite summer dresses ever. It’s an off white poncho looking dress with colourful flowers all over. I bought it two years ago from an Asian clothing store in Seven Dials, Covent Garden. The material is super soft and breathable, keeping you cool when it is super hot. I wore my zara white shorts underneath to avoid any dignity-compromising situations.

Rone's iphone 471

On one of the days while in Venice the weather wasn’t as nice so it was a bit cooler, as it rained all night. I wore a long cardi and jeggings from the Everything For £5 website, teamed with a blue skull tee from Camden and my favourite T sandals from Accesorize. (I loved them so much that I wore them every day, even though I had 3 other pairs of sandals!!) My bag is from New Look.

Rone's iphone 483

That is just me showing off my new mask! (Doesn’t it make me look Divine, huh?)

Rone's iphone 551

The next day the weather was amazing so I wore this GAP dress I bought about 6 years ago. Yup, it is 6 years old and still holding strong. It does show a fair share of cleavage so I covered my arms with the same long cardi so I am not revealing too much. ( I was spending the day visiting churches, so you gotta be respectful)

Rone's iphone 364 - Copy

Rone's iphone 358 - Copy

This is actually my airport outfit. I was originally wearing converse as my feet get cold in planes, but I changed to my trusty sandals once I go to the hotel. The tee is quite long and it is from H & M. The jeggins and bag are the same as before. My bracelet is Pandora and my glasses are from a small shop in Gatwick airport.

Those are my 4 outfits from my 4 day trip to Venice. It goes to show how you can play with different pieces and avoid carrying too much luggage.

Until Next Time


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