My Watch Collection!

Well, the tittle pretty much says it all, so let’s get right into it!!

The first watch I wish to show you is by Nowley, which I believe is a family business with its watches being made in Japan. This particular watch is actually a hand-me-down from my Dad, so it is very valuable for me. In reality I believe these watches are actually inexpensive. This particular model is 82306, it’s made from stainless steel, it shows the date (only the day) and it has 3ATM (meaning that it is water resistant up to 30 meters)



The strap is shiny in the middle, and matte on the sides which I particularly really like.


My second watch is also a gold watch and it is the standard Casio watch.





My fiancé gave me this watch about 4 years ago, because I was desperate for one of these. They are surprisingly inexpensive (around £25-30) and as it is Casio, you know it is well-made.  The straps are completely matte whereas the rim around the watch face is shiny, so the contrast works really well. The model is AQ-230, it has a digital watch, an alarm, it shows the complete date, it has a stopwatch and it is water resistant but could not find the exact ATM.

After two gold watches I knew I needed a change so I opted for a trendy MK gold rose watch as I get discount through my store (always a plus). It is the MK-5403.





The watch usually retails for around £180 to £200 but you can always get it for cheaper during the sales. It is a rather expensive watch considering it is not made by MK and it is nowhere near as accurate as the Casio, but oh well, it looks good. It is also made in stainless steel and cubic zirconia, it shows the day and it has 10 ATM.

My last watch is a silver watch by DKNY which I got because: 1. I needed a silver colour watch 2. It was cheap 3. I got discount on top of that.




This is the NY-8746 which retails for around £60. I love it because it looks so elegant and it comes with two removable links so you can adjust it without the need of a specialist. However, as it is super reflective, any little scratch definitely shows, and sadly there is no date function. Nonetheless, it is so timeless and very affordable so for that, I love it.

Well, that is it!! That is my mini watch collection. As you can see, I don’t have generic watches, but that is because I have had horrible experiences with generic watches sold by the likes of Next and Asos. My next purchases will be a new Casio retro watch and in an ideal world, Omega’s Ladymatic as shown by Nicole Kidman….*sigh*


Until Next Time!!!


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