New Nail Trend: Yellow Nails

For the past few years I have noticed the UK has raised their game when it comes to nails. This is easily seen by the amount of nail shops available in almost every corner, which for me resembles the girl equivalence of pubs.

I always loved nails. I remember being 10 years old and creating the most outrageous nail designs ever which obviously never saw the light of day and destroyed many of my Mum’s beloved rugs. When it comes to nails, I don’t follow trends; I don’t even follow the rule of dark colours in winter and bright/pastel colours in summer. I wear what I want to wear. Full Stop.

Having said that, I am glad that finally yellow nails are in. I love yellow, in everything. It brightens a room, an outfit, a mood. It also surprisingly goes with everything.  In this blog post I will talk to you about two yellow nail polishes which are definitely on trend (oh my, me talking about trends!).



The colours in question are Sherbet Lemons by Collection 2000 (now known only as Collection) and Atlantic Road by Barry M.

Let’s start with the Collection nailpolish. It is bright. Beyond bright. It is like the sun decided to turn itself into a nailpolish. It has a slight orangey undertone so it almost looks like mustard. The formula is perfect, very pigmented and dries fast, just like the rest of the Hot Looks range. It also lasts quite long. I have had this bottle for 2 years and is still usable. Saying that, I have wore it only about 10 times in the past 2 years.

The Barry M nailpolish is part of their new ‘Texture Effect’ range. When I bought it I never realised this, so I was very surprised when I was applying it. (In the ‘WTF is this? kinda way) The texture effect is definitely not for me; it makes your nails matte, and it looks like pavement or yellow sand. Here is the best picture I managed to get:


In terms of the colour, it is a lovely pastel yellow with lovely yellow glitter. Shame about the texture effect. I think that if I wear it on my toes they may just work.

Here is how the two tones look in comparison:


Overall, I think Collection’s Hot Looks nailpolish range is to die for if you want bright and pigmented colours. I usually love Barry M nailpolishes but along with the cracked effect, textured is definitely not for me.

What are your thoughts???



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