Elemis FreshSkin Collection

A couple of months ago I got hold of Elemis new skincare range callled ‘Freshskin’ which is meant to be formulated for teens and people in their early 20s. I was excited to try the range, and I must say, that after two months of constant use I can now make an informed decision about the products.

First stop, the Softly Softly daily moisturiser. It retails at £20 for 50ml, so is not as cheap as Nivea, neither as expensive as Estee Lauder. Its ingredient list is full of good stuff such as sweet almond oil, rosehip seed oil and seaweed extract. Whereas these ingredients really moisturise your skin, it definitely leaves my combination skin looking oily after a few hours. I would say this lotion is ideal with those with dry or dry-to-normal skin. It smells a bit herbal, which is ever so subtle, so I particular do not mind.

My overall rating is 7/10 and that is only because it leaves me looking a bit shiny and it has Parfum.


The second contestant is the Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser which claims to reduce shine within an hour and maintain it for up to 8hrs. In terms of ingredients, it has shea butter, lime fruit oil, cucumber and cedarwood oil. It also has parfum (bad bad bad!). Smell-wise, it also has that herbal smell, only that it is slightly stronger in this lotion. I did find that it mattified my skin nicely and that it lasted, but it made my skin feel very tight, as if I had a session of Botox (I never done it but I imagine it must feel like that). It also didn’t moisturise as good as the Softly Softly did. For that reason, I have used both products together; the matte lotion in my T-Zone, and the Softly Softly everywhere else. I feel that when I use it that way, I get the best of both lotions. Oh! Also, it costs the same, £20 for 50ml.

Overall rating? 6/10 because I hated that ‘tightness’ feeling it gave me

When used together, the overall rating is an 8/10.


The last product I will talk about also happens to be the star buy for me. It is the Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm. OMG this stuff is sooo good. It has a bunch of good stuff including peppermint (which explains the lovely smell), passion-flower oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and vitamin E. Best bit? NO PARFUM!!!

I must admit I am the vaseline-kinda-girl. I know, I know. It is the most pointless product on earth as it only works when you constantly put it on, but I loved the feeling of vaseline on my lips. The Elemis lip balm has also that rich consistency, which is combined with the oils so rub the tub a little prior application so the formula is well mixed. It is pricey, £8 for 10ml, but a little goes a long way and I only need to apply it twice a day; underneath my lipstick in the morning and before bedtime. This stuff is Heaven in a tub.

Overall rating? 9/10 (I don’t believe in perfection ha!)


To conclude, I do feel this range is well suited for teens, or for those blessed with amazing skin. The lip balm is to die for, but the moisturisers could have been richer, with SPF and without parfum.  The entire range is available at Feel Unique.

Have you tried the range? If so, what are your thoughts?



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