Most Worn Spring/Summer Shoes-2013

Finally I lay my hands on a tripod, courtesy of Ebay, so I can take tons of pictures without the need of a chair/table/hubby. I feel quite liberated actually! Anyway, I thought what better way to christened my tripod than by a little photo-shoot showcasing my most worn shoes during the warmer months. Here in the UK, the weather has been all over the place so at the moment I am in between flats and winter boots.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional photographer and so this pictures are not perfect. Also, I am not a perfectionist and I am in the middle of exams, so time is a constrain. Last point, yes, I have ‘baby looking feet’ and yes, I am in need of a pedicure. Don’t be stating the obvious people!!

SAM_0290  SAM_0291


These ballerina flats are to die for! I’ve got them from ‘The Everything for £5’ website and yup, they were a fiver. They are in a lovely tan colour and they are velvet with a really shiny, in-your-face gold skull. I am yet to wear them out, so I have just been breaking them in around the flat.

SAM_0295             SAM_0302

SAM_0303      SAM_0304 - Copy

These wedges are the most comfortable thing on earth. I bought these a few years ago in a small shop in Tottenham Court Road, in one of those shops which sell everything from souvenirs to t-shirts. The wedge is made from that fruit-basket material and they are not very steep. In terms of colour, they are off-white, and the buckle is fake; they have a small clip underneath the buckle which means fastening the shoe is a breeze.

SAM_0305         SAM_0306 - Copy

These T-bar sandals are also from the fiver website and are brand new. These, believe it or not, are my first pair of T-bar sandals as I don’t particular like exposing my feet too much. The sole has a wooden feel to it so they are not the most comfortable sandal, but the detailed beading makes up for it.

SAM_0308     SAM_0310

I call these kitten heels my ‘gitanas’ (Spanish for Gypsy) and funnily enough, I bought them in Spain. They are completely made out of wood but the brand label is very cushion-y, making them bearable to walk in. They have no grip so I have to be very careful when walking in these. To be honest, my Hubs adores them so that is why I have kept them. Over the years I have grown to love them!!

SAM_0311 SAM_0312 - Copy SAM_0314

These kind-of-but-not-quite flatforms are from H&M and were everywhere last summer. Even though they are super uncomfortable and they get ruined very easy due to poor quality/suede, I absolutely love them. They go with everything and they are equally casual as dressy. I believe I paid around £15 for these bad boys.

SAM_0316 - Copy SAM_0317 SAM_0318 - Copy SAM_0319

My last beloved pair are this amazing gladiator-inspired heels from New Look. They are in the most flattering neutral shade for my skin tone and they look amazing with a summer dress. They are a pain to walk in so I usually wear it when minimum walking is involved.

Well, hope you enjoy this little shoe collection!

Until Next Time!!


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