Romwe, Where have you been?

Yup, the tittle pretty much says everything doesn’t it? I still can’t believe I never been to their website before, even though most of my favourite beauty gurus from YouTube have all mention it. It just goes on to show how lazy I can be at times!!!


Moving on, I am OBSESSED with this website, and I adore the fact that shipping is free. Who cares if you got to wait two to three weeks when its free?? I am getting the feline swimming suit ASAP as I have seen it a few times and now I know finally where it comes from!!!


I love their leggings and dresses which are to dieee for. I also found a girl at my uni who was wearing Romwe today (what a coincidence, huh?) and I must say I was super impressed with the quality which is great, considering it is fast-fashion.


Have you guys ever ordered from them? What do you guys think of Romwe?


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