A Fresh Return!



Well, to say that I feel like Jay-z is an understatement. Within months of closing ‘The Rocky General’ I felt really empty and eager to keep writing. I thought it was a phase but it wasn’t so I am back, with a back, with a new blog which I promise will be much more focused than my last one. I still have my other blog, The Dying Corner which is only for books and literature, so go an check that out too!

In this blog I will basically pretend that I am super trendy and fashionable. What I don’t want to do is become one of those obsessed with fashion and just spends hundreds of pounds each month of clothes. Nope, that is not going to be me. I will try to show you how I refresh my wardrobe with some DIY and some inexpensive accessories. I will of course also show you the more expensive bits but trust me, I am still a student (for a few more weeks only!) so I am still on a budget.

Hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing for it.



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